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Learn The Fibonacci System For Online Roulette

Although Pou would probably tell you different (and he must have gotten hell for that name in school), we know that success and glory come through a lot of effort, patience, and ability to work with feedback. The Martingale roulette system is one of those that would have you believe life can be all unicorns, rainbows, and butterflies if you let it – but how much of it is true?

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The Mechanism of Martingale System

How does it actually work? The pattern is as follows. Do what you always did (with bets where the odds are always 50-50), and when you win, keep going with the same bet, and when you lose double the bet. For example, you lose $10, double your bet, lose $20, and so on. At some point, you will win back your money. Sound simple? Einstein said all the genius things were simple. If only it worked the other way around and all the simple things were genius! You'll say that the next time you hit the table limits or run out of money. How does it all work, exactly?

So, you got this: in short, you double after every time you lose money. It is normal for a someone who uses the system to win, and the strategy itself seems to work out most of the time, but as far as the casinos are concerned relatively small but steady wins of the players who use the system are compensated (and then some) by players who use the system, rapidly doubling their bets and going into an uncontrollable spiral which leads them to systemic failures. When we were joking about gambling with your child’s University education fund (as in: never, ever), that is what we were talking about. Really bad losses. Like, unfixably bad. This is why we recommend (and sometimes insist) that you approach gambling with extreme caution (Forex also falls under that definition), manage your bankroll carefully and stay in control at all times.

Does It Work?

Basically, something called “the gambler’s fallacy" is human faith in a positive outcome which tells you that if something as not happened for a while, it is due to happen soon.

This faith was necessary for human survival in the early days in order to keep people fighting for that mammoth or running from a sabretooth tiger or waiting in an ambush (in short: to keep going). The gambling world, however, lacks Nature's kindness, which is why gambler's fallacy does not translate well into the machine world. In Nature, if you wait for something long enough, at some point it will come. In the world of gambling, there are separate outcomes, so, in fact, what you’re waiting for may never come, you none the wiser.

In case you're not satisfied with millions of times people have run trials of the Martingale system on computers and got zero results, just take our word for it: using the Martingale system may result in significant wins, and it may result in catastrophic failure. The chances of that or the other are 50/50. All you're doing is increasing the magnitude of the game.

We advise at all times to find a good casino, run plenty of trials using our demo games, do all the smart research and keep the stakes low.

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