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Use Best Roulette Strategies And Win Big

The advantages of hindsight: only hitting the bottom do you start to reminisce about the way it all would have been had you known better. The world's saddest words: what if. However, if you have never thrown away $4000 in one fluid movement of your wrist like us (at least for your sake we hope you haven't), let us tell you about the importance of having a good roulette strategy. We’ll skip the part when the room starts to spin as you feel around desperately for a letter opener so you can stab yourself in the heart, and go straight to the how-you-can-do-it-better part. Why do you need to use a strategy?

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Make Sure Your Bankroll Stays Safe At All Times

One of the most important things in a guaranteed roulette strategy is staying in control of the game so you can make sure you play the game and the game isn’t playing you. Control your bets – and control the outcome of the game, whatever it may be.

Lower Your Expectations

If you win, great. You’ve probably played the scenario out in your head plenty of times. A good thing about roulette strategies is that one will help you when you fall on bad times.

Optimal Roulette Strategy: Be Smart

As much as roulette is a game of chance, you can still minimize your chances of losing if you approach things academically. How? Just like it is better to cross a busy road when a traffic light comes on and not when cars are moving, it's better if you do the right thing at the right time at a casino table. We offer plenty of demo games so you can try out any whatsoever roulette strategy you want without harming your kids' university education fund or selling your house. Just kidding, we know you wouldn't do that – smart people gamble with money they could use on fitness, invest wisely and earn millions, or donate to charity. We also recommend, before we introduce you to the best systems, that you use a system if you’re new, because, again, it minimizes your chances of losing and keeps you in control of the game no matter what happens. Education is free in New Zealand between 5 and 19, but University education is only free in countries like Norway and Denmark, so they have no kids’ fund to gamble with to begin with. Lucky them.

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Popular Roulette Strategies

Now, there are plenty of ultimate roulette strategies out there, and some of them indeed aren’t great, because they have been designed by the casinos themselves to get people to spend more money. Others take a lot of time and patience to learn (and if you think we use that word lightly, try learning card-counting). We would advise you use several strategies if you can, because they all have strengths and weaknesses in different places, and when you do, go for the ones that have been tried and tested for a while:

  • Atlantis’s Easy Peasy system
  • Simple Trend catcher
  • Cross-reference Roulette system
  • The Paroli system

All these systems will hopefully help you keep your head above water, especially if you’re new, but if you want our opinion on what the best one is based on science, our bet is on the Paroli.

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