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Roulette Tips: Use These Nifty Tricks

Let’s get one thing straight: nothing comes for free, even though there are a lot of websites that look like they’ve been created by Stevie Wonder who claim that they have the only system that will ever work and make you disgustingly rich.

Roulette, just like all other casino games, is tough to beat and takes a lot of consideration, effort, and nerve. Having a good casino roulette tip helps. Still, it takes a lot of work and a lot of intelligence to get a lot of money out of a casino (even though, ok, sometimes it’s just blind luck, but we advise not to count on it and rely on intelligence and dedication).

Tip №1: Make Sure You Know The Rules Perfectly

Read every book in the library you can on online casinos. And we’re not talking a library somewhere on the outskirts of Greenland where there’s no gas or hot water or nail clippers. We mean read a lot.

Tip №2: Don’t Use The American Roulette

We don’t really get the unhealthy obsession with American Roulette. If you like danger, that’s a different thing. If you want to win more, stick with the other versions.

Tip №3: Make Use Of Softer Rules

Don’t forget about en prison and la partage. We think the French are awesome. Just to be clear: the French have invented these rules that will help you even when you’re losing. Isn’t that great?

Tip №4: Stay Away From The Martingale

We don’t know how many times we can say this to people, but the Martingale System is the bubonic plague. It could be that our expertise sucks (there is a small chance we just don’t know enough about the world), but all our not inconsiderable experience is filled with signs that shout: :Danger! Mines!” when someone brings up that dreaded name.

Tip №5: Don't drink

Alcohol makes you overestimate your abilities and fail miserably at doing stuff. Keep well away from alcohol if you’re starting something serious.

Tip №6: Choose A Casino Carefully

Make sure you find a website or a community that has gathered a lot of information about casinos and vetted them all. Safety comes first. Some websites offer RNGs that aren’t very R, so you don’t get to win no matter what you do.

Tip №7: Read The Forums

No matter what you do, the only real thing at the end of the day will be the people’s voice. Use our website for best games and best casinos. Don’t be a sheep, but stick with the crowd. People are wiser than you think.

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Tip №8: Never Bet Everything On One

We know you’re smarter than that, but no-one does that. You’ll make no-one happy if you bet everything on one, not in real life. Stay safe, do your research, and make sure you’re in control at all times.

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