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A New Zealander's Guide to American Roulette

Let us tell you all about the thrills, the glamor, the highs and the lows of American online roulette. To add to the exclusiveness, only players from New Zealand can apply.

What do you think of danger? New Zealand is a beautiful, beautiful place filled to the brink with exciting and wonderful things to do. There is no shortage of thrills, from Maori wars to bungee and HALO jumps. But what if you always seem to be tied up at work? We don’t mean that in a kinky way, by the way. We just mean that sometimes the boss may really be riding you, and you have no time for anything else.

In today’s world, we hardly ever see excitement: our lives are structured pretty much as much as a computer system. Everything is rationed, our movements carefully controlled by the society, our steps and words listened to. In the City, you get filmed by CCTV 254 times every day. So it comes as no surprise that people seek entertainment. American Roulette offers a chance of making your life that much more exciting by adding an additional pocket to the existing Roulette layout the European and American versions have: the dreaded double-oh. You can even pronounce it as uh-oh. Let us explain why it's there, what it's for, and what to do with it.

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How American Roulette Works

American roulette is exactly the same as the European Roulette and the French Roulette, which is the original and the oldest game, except for a few minor differences. The table layouts are different in a few ways, and the French version features a couple of additional rules (see our articles on both). But what American Roulette is really known for is the fact that it has an additional pocket, which is 00. Or infinity (∞), if you like, because that's how long it'll take for you to get your money back if you hit that pocket.

That's right, in addition to the usual zero there are two more. Just for the thrills. We're not really very enthusiastic about this one, especially when it comes to new players, but we do think that if you are into thrills and danger you can't pass over American Roulette.

This is how it works: the players place their bets on where the ball will fall, and the casino staff member who is in charge of the game will toss a small ball onto a rolling wheel, which contains those numbers. If it's a match, the players wins. There are combinations of bets, but they are also quite self-explanatory.

What else? We think we don’t need to explain to you the importance of keeping your head in the game and managing your bankroll sensibly, but just in case…Keep track of time and don’t let passion carry you away (that’s dangerous for your finances). Counting the numbers that come up the most is also dangerous: there is no such thing as a pattern in Online Roulette (or any Roulette), because the system throws up the next number randomly, which is why Random Number Generators called RNG for short are random all the way.

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What Makes American Roulette Great

So why do you want to play it and why are so many people attracted to American Roulette? As we said, people do like danger, and, we suppose, people have paid more for mountain climbing and diving off cliffs, so, all thing considered, this is not such a gun-ho way of using your money. But if you do decide to live dangerously, please remember to choose one of the tried and trusted casinos from our list. One of the most useful and interesting aspects of online gambling is choosing the right casino (and the right bonus). Here you can play for real money (but only when you’re ready).

We offer the best demo versions for our players from New Zealand. The demos will allow you to learn the rules, get battle experience, and learn to deal with the game before you start with the real thing.

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Have we told you everything you need to know about American Roulette online? If you have any questions, addictions, or comments on what we should write about next, we are always glad to hear from you. Write to us about anything and everything to do with onlineу gaming: we aim to answer everyone no matter how long it takes, but we are pretty wanted, so it may take a while (not really).

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