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Free French Roulette Version For Online Gamblers

This is the real deal, New Zealanders. The French Roulette comes to you as it is, from the source, untainted by the world's unsentimental, unsophisticated, rough capitalist ethic (at least that’s what we think the French would tell you). How is it played? How is it different? What’s the best way to go about it?

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The French Roulette In All Its Greatness

If you were born after 1842 you are at a disadvantage because that’s when the first zero was added to the system of Roulette. However, Roulette still attracts millions of players from around the world with its simplicity, integrity, and handsome payoffs.

The croupier (the casino employee in charge of the wheel) spins the wheel (in case with the online version it is done by the system). If the ball lands on the section of the wheel that the player placed his bet on, he or she wins. The French Roulette is the original game, whose numbers, added up, form 666 (just in case you needed a reminder who is the real boss here). The French Roulette is exactly the same as the European version with a slightly different table layout and different bet names. Different bets, as you know, will get you different results – the riskier the bet, the bigger the payout. A bet on Red will pay double if you win, and a win on a single number will multiply your bet by 37 – as it logically follows.

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You can place bets in a variety of ways, and in this case, you are only limited by your imagination. Also, the French version, in addition to all the other things done for your convenience, offers things like la partage and en prison, which will allow you to get even more out of the gameplay and reduce the house edge in certain situations. Which is very nice of them. But it makes sense - after all, everyone we know love the French.


So why would you want to play? The differences are:

  • Softer/nicer rules
  • Familiar layout
  • You’re French and you think the French are awesome so you can’t see a reason why anyone would play any other version of the game
  • No additional double zero
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What We Think

We offer a free demo version of French Roulette so you can try it out in all its splendor and get comfortable with it before you move on to the real thing. It’s also a good way of trying out a new casino and seeing what it’s like. We always said there’s no such thing as too much reconnaissance.

We offer a variety of safe and reliable casinos so you can start making bets for real money when you're good to go. If there’s anything we have missed or anything you would like to see on our site let us know. We hope you have a great time. Go forth and prosper.

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