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A Complete Guide To Online Roulette In New Zealand

For all our New Zealand players out there we are introducing the freshest, the biggest, the best online roulette games out there. Whether you’re an experienced player seeking a chance to sit back and enjoy the simplest pleasures of life or a newcomer looking to try out the ultimate never-ending adventure, we have everything you need right here. Look no more! Online roulette is probably the best known game in the world, and it is awesome for the following reasons:

  • We recommend the new players to begin with online roulette because the rules are fairly straightforward.
  • More experienced players sometimes want a break from complex rules, card-counting, and what have you, so they can just stop thinking and start living the life.
  • Your chances are significantly higher than in any other games. While the odds of winning a jackpot are close to one in a million, here, if you make the safest bet ever, red even chance, every new roll of the ball means one of two things, so you always stand a 50% chance. When you make the riskiest bet on a single number, your chance is one in 37, which is about 2.7%, and it’s still heck of a lot more than ten thousandth of a percent, if you ask us.

Now you’re in the right place, relax, get a drink, and let us do all the hard work of strategizing and logistics. We’ve gathered free versions of Roulettes of all sorts (American, European, French), a list of tried and tested casinos with online roulettes and reviews for them, bonuses for new players, and, most of all, a list of winning strategies and sage advice. We help all our New Zealand players win big and keep going so you can spread a good word about our site like a viral video=) Lend us your ears.

What’s So Special About Online Roulette Game?

The name, as you probably guessed already, means "a small ball" in French. Do we need to fill you in on the rules? The roulette game itself is so good, it has been around for centuries ever since the French first introduced it. It seems even the people who have never stepped inside a casino know what to do.

And yes, the truth is, it doesn't get any easier or more thrilling. There is a large wheel with numbers that rolls around completely randomly. The croupier (the guy in charge) will take the bets on which number the ball will drop on, stop taking bets, and then throw the ball onto the wheel (usually spinning it so as to create even more randomness and exclude any possibility the game is rigged). When the ball drops onto a number, the guy who got it right wins. Many, including Derren Brown, have tried to predict the final outcome using only the power of their mind, but you can probably predict the outcome of predicting an outcome easily (impossible) – ball landing in a certain spot is a completely random occurrence. You can make a variety of different bets, which we will cover in-depth in later articles, but, really, let us fill you in on a little secret: (it's all a cakewalk).

Online roulette works the same way on your computer screen except that it uses software called a Random Number Generator. We recommend you choose a good casino that has some kind of a reputation and hires an independent company to come in and make sure the RNGs are, in fact, R. Also, we suspect that 007, James Bond’s double-oh status was inspired by this casino game. The agents with a 00 status were historically assigned to the most difficult and dangerous missions, which is what a double zero carries with it if you choose American Roulette over the European - danger. For that reason some people like it more.

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Why Choose Us?

You’re probably wondering why we’re being so condescending, tell you all this stuff you already know, and want to read some stuff you don't get to read anywhere else.

Well, we offer demo versions of online roulette game for all our players from New Zealand. Online roulette is simple, it works for anyone (although beginners like it best), it is completely fair, impossible to rig, and it never fails to provide fantastic thrills.

Besides, if you don’t like second-hand smoke, travel costs, and find people distracting, playing online roulette for real money is the best of both worlds – casinos and yours at home.

Other skill-based games may take a while to learn and you will still suffer at the hands of better players (professional poker players, for example, don’t care who you are and what you know: they will clean out anyone without years and years of experience). Roulette game allows you to go in quick, have fun, and get out no matter who you are. It’s a true democracy: everyone is equal.

The Advantages Of Our Demo Versions

We offer the opportunity to play free demos. They are good for several reasons, but the main reasons they’re good are that

  1. you get to play the roulette game and have fun without spending the money
  2. you can learn the ropes, and
  3. you can recon new casinos without endangering yourself.

We think "try before you buy” is definitely a fair offer: we hope you have the best experience possible.

We offer the most tried and trusted casinos to our New Zealand players so they can have an experience they will be able to go home and tell their friends about. We also offer a comprehensive feedback system, so just in case something is not to your liking, you want to give us the good news or just want a chat, get in touch with us. Due to high demand, we are busy at times, so we can't guarantee we will get back to you straight away, but we genuinely try to get back to everyone.

We are also aiming to make your stay with us as quick and easy as possible, which is why we won’t bother you with registrations and lengthy confirmation procedures so you can play online roulette asap. If you run out of money, just hit F5 to reload the page. If only real life was as good as us, huh?

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Before You Go

Have a great time, always read T+Cs to the end, manage your bankroll, and stay cool. If you need anything, let us know.

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